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What are environmentally-friendly portable coolers?

The Lc-Europe environmentally-friendly portable coolers are units which produce cold and provide a cooler atmosphere in those spaces, both open and closed, that traditional air-conditioning can’t reach. They have an advanced, innovative system: portable, evaporative refrigeration with a clear commitment to the environment. They work with just tap water and electricity to cool hot areas or spaces during the summer. They are practical and versatile and no installation is required.

Are the Lc-Europe units portable air-conditioners?

No, the Lc-Europe units are not portable air-conditioners, they are portable, environmentally-friendly evaporative coolers.

In summertime can I cool any space, be it factories, work spaces, events, marquees, warehouses, terraces, sports areas, tennis clubs, golf clubs, riding schools, etc? Yes, the portable evaporative coolers have been shown to be highly effective in a great variety of areas, including farming (agriculture and horticulture), bars, terraces, manufacturing, industry, businesses, entertainment, sports, residences and hobbies. See the examples of units in use.

Do Lc- Europe offer the option to rent portable coolers for a limited time?

Yes, you can rent our equipment for the summer. At the end of the season or the hot period you have the option to buy the machine you have rented. Are you interested? Contact us here. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have, we are here to advise you on what you need.

What do I need to do to store my unit during the winter?

Simply drain it, dry the panels and store the unit, preferably in its cover.

My unit is not cooling the air.

First of all check that the panels at the back of the unit are wet. In order for the evaporation process to work the panels need to be wet before the ventilator is turned on.

Secondly, check that the water tank is not empty.

Thirdly, ensure that the water and electricity are connected correctly and working properly.

Finally, if none of these options work, contact our office and we will be happy to help solve any problems you have with your Lc-Europe unit. +34 932 312 810 or by email at info@lc-europe.com

What is the difference between evaporative cooling and spray systems?

Spray systems spray a fine mist of water into the atmosphere, which makes people and anything in the vicinity of the unit wet or damp. Lc- Europe units are completely different – they don’t get anything wet, they simply cool the air with evaporative cooling technology.

What can I do if my unit smells strange?

It’s probable that all new Lc- Europe units smell strange for the first 2 or 3 weeks. After that the smell should disappear completely. If the unit is not new and emits a smell when it is turned on it is probable that algae or bacteria have developed inside the unit, usually as a result of poor maintenance. We recommend reading the Lc- Europe Users’ Manuel carefully in order to ensure the unit is correctly maintained and cleaned.

How often do the panels need to be replaced?

This depends on the level of maintenance and the how often the Lc- Europe unit is used. The panels generally last for up to 5 years, but if you have any doubts about the useful life of the panels contact our office and we will provide further information about replacing them.

How long does the water in the tank last?

If a direct source of water is not available the water in the tank will be evaporated by the unit in approximately 4 to 8 hours of constant use. However, this will vary depending on the size of the unit and the water tank.

In the same way, the rate of evaporation will vary depending on the temperature and the humidity present in the air.

The manufacturer, recommend a direct source of water.

Each unit has a valve or float which regulate the flow of water when filling the water tank.

Where do I find the model and serial number of the unit?

There is a metal plaque on the outside of the cover of every Lc- Europe unit, which shows bar codes and other information. The model begins with the letters ‘PAC’ and the series number is all numbers.

Why use Lc- Europe to cool spaces? What are the benefits?

Because Lc- Europe units reach places that traditional air-conditioning cannot and, even better, they are environmentally-friendly. No installation is required and they are reasonably priced. Enjoy being cool in summer!
They reduce the temperature by between 6 and 15 degrees, and consume very little water and electricity.
• Environmentally-friendly thanks to low energy consumption.
• Can be used both inside and out.
• Increases workforce productivity by producing a more comfortable working environment.
• Makes attending meetings or events much more comfortable for the guests.
• Can be moved into place and used as a refrigeration system when the traditional, fixed air-conditioning is out of use due to a fault or overheating.

What is the difference between air-conditioning and portable, environmentally-friendly coolers?

Lc- Europe units do not use compressors or refrigerant gases. They can also be used in open spaces such as patios, terraces, gardens etc. They enable a saving of 80% in energy and do not require installation. Simply take them out of their packing, add water, plug them in and enjoy!

Do portable, environmentally-friendly coolers need to be installed?

No, the units require no installation. All Lc-Europe units come ready to use, you just need to plug it in! If you have any questions contact your supplier or us on +34 932 312 810 or by email at info@lc-europe.com

I just plugged my unit in for the first time and there is a strange smell.

The panels at the back of the unit have never been wet. It’s likely that the adhesive used to hold the panels in place will give off a strange odour during the first weeks of use. We suggest you place the unit in an open area until the smell goes, or alternatively place a small capful of clothes softener in the water tank.

What are the best conditions for the units to produce the greatest quantity of cold air?

The Lc-Europe units can reduce the temperature in almost any conditions to produce a more comfortable atmosphere, whether it is high-summer or in a hot space at any time of the year.

For the best performance the temperature should be above 29.4ºC (85ºF) and the relative humidity should be less than 75%.

What maintenance does the ventilator’s motor need?

The maintenance and installation manual for the Dayton motor states that units which are constantly in use should be oiled at least once a year; those which are used moderately once every 2 years and those used occasionally once every 5 years, using 30 to 35 drops of SAE oil no.20 for electric motor operation.

Where can I buy spares or parts?

Spares and parts for all Lc-Europe units are sold exclusively on our web-site www.lc-europe.com.

How much humidity is produced by the equipment?

Between 2% and 5% approximately, given that the humidity produced depends on the temperature and the humidity present in the atmosphere

Will the unit chill more if ice is placed in the water tank?

It’s possible that some ice vapour might be collected and distributed by the ventilator, but this does not increase the water evaporation so it does not increase the cooling.

I have more questions.

Our technical department is available from 8.30am to 5.30pm from Monday to Thursday and from 8.30am to 2.30pm on Fridays, on +34 932 312 810, or by email info@lc-europe.com

Our units cool areas of between 50 and 325 m2 using water evaporation with responsible energy consumption.


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